Participation of Hassab labs in fasting and your health awareness session

Hassab labs participated in fasting and your health awareness session on April 26, 2019 to educate citizens about their health during the holy month Ramadan.


Hassab labs’ goal of participation in this awareness session is to raise awareness of the health of citizens during fasting.


Professor Amina Hassab Founder and Head of Hassab Medical Laboratories pointed out that we seek to provide a healthy health service, which begins with proper and accurate analysis to help the doctor to diagnose the condition of the patient in the first place, by relying on a team of medical excellence and trained at the highest level in Hassab labs.

And Prof. Amina advised the patients of kidney and diabetes to the need to take fluids in large quantities and advised citizens to perform liver and kidney tests before fasting so that the doctor can advise the patient to fast or not, and confirmed Professor Amina Hassab the need to maintain the functions of the overall sugar patient during fasting.

In this regard, and the interest of community participation the medical team of Hassab labs provided free medical advice to citizens and advise them.


 She pointed out that Hassab coefficient possesses the latest devices to detect all diseases accurately and high speed, which helps to eliminate diseases faster and provide better service to the patient.

Hassab Labs’ Accreditations

Obtaining international accreditation for medical laboratory analysis ISO 15189 in 2010, which is renewed yearly till the present time. This accreditation complies with high standards

Food Detective

Hassab labs the first lab in Egypt introducing a new technology in Egypt that might be able to explain your unresolved health problems. Food Detective