About Hassab Labs


Since Prof. Amina Hassab has founded Hassab Labs in 1991, the labs have built an excellent and strong reputation in the field. After establishing our center of excellence in Alexandria, in 2011, the organization started to expand in Cairo and other governorates to fulfill an unsatisfied market need for high quality medical labs. That makes us one of the fastest growing medical labs chain in Egypt and the region.


As the first medical lab in Egypt to be accredited by EGAC/ILAC, our lab results are recognized globally and meet the strictest international quality standards. We have an extensive menu of around 2000 tests covering the fields of Clinical Chemistry, Hematology, Immunology, Immunoassay, Parasitology, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Pathology, and Genetics.


Our competitive advantages exist in our accurate test results based on the proficiency testing we regularly do in collaboration with a number of labs in Europe and USA, and using state of the art technology, medical expertise, and strict control on quality of samples. Also, what sets us apart from competition is our dedication to inform and educate our patients regarding their test results. Our team of professionals works closely and enthusiastically together to accomplish our main aim, which is exceeding our customers’ expectations and helping them lead a healthier life.

Our Pact

Our Vision

To be the region's leading diagnostic services provider.

Our Mission

To deliver exceptional diagnostic services using top quality standards, state of the art technology and medical expertise.

Our Values