Food Detective

Hassab labs the first lab in Egypt introducing a new technology in Egypt that might be able to explain your unresolved health problems.

Food Detective

Unknowingly, individuals consume food items which they are intolerant to several times a day. This causes inflammation in the body, which lays the foundation for a host of health complaints and diseases. IgG are antibodies produced by an individual’s immune system, causing an inflammatory response against the body’s own tissues.

The Food Detective test measures the presence of IgG response in the blood relative to several possible offending foods. The greater the response, the greater the inflammatory offense to your body’s immune system.


The main advantage of this test is the simplicity. The test can be completed in a few minutes, with results made available in a few days. It is comfortable for adults and children alike. Traditional allergy tests can be awkward, uncomfortable and time consuming. The manufacturers of Food Detective boast a 90% accuracy rate.

Food Intolerance and the Inflammatory Response

A growing body of research shows strong correlation between inflammation and a host of auto immune diseases and disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis, thyroiditis and Crohn’s disease. Chronic inflammation in the body also curbs weight loss and one’s ability to maintain a healthy weight. The major food offenders are also thought to contribute to anxiety, irritability, depression, lack of concentration and lethargy.


there is a bourgeoning body of research demonstrating the importance of reducing inflammation in the body in order to improve overall health and prevent disease. Some individuals report that they have reversed their illness and symptoms by removing foods from their diets that they have shown intolerance to.


Being empowered with the knowledge of what foods ones is sensitive or intolerant to will help a person to make the necessary changes to their diet to begin relieving painful physical and mental symptoms.

Prescription medications may address some of your complaints, but they do not cure or address the undying problem.


Imagine being able to cure yourself of what ails you. Imagine an increase in energy, reduction of stress, greater concentration and pain reduction. Imagine being able to accomplish this with no side effects or the deleterious effects of prescription medication. This convenient, painless technology is now available in Egypt and it could change your life.

Controlling your Consumption

Once you have acquired the knowledge about your body’s food sensitivities, it is important to be aware of possible food allergens and sensitivities in the food you buy and consume.

Arming yourself with the knowledge of your body’s sensitivities will allow you to make informed food choices and prevent yourself from discomfort and health problems.

Hassab Labs’ Accreditations

Obtaining international accreditation for medical laboratory analysis ISO 15189 in 2010, which is renewed yearly till the present time. This accreditation complies with high standards