Hassab’s History

Professor Amina Hassab
Founder and Head of Hassab Medical Laboratories


Dr. Amina is one of the pioneers of the quality of health care. She presented the concept of quality at Alexandria University laboratories when she was the director of these laboratories in 2004 and head of the Department of Clinical Pathology.


It then revolutionized this practice by turning the manual analysis back to full laboratory completion, improving the quality of the results and thus managing the patients. This change in practice was implemented through the Quality Workshop, which was first presented to the University of Alexandria in 2005 and has become an annual event since then where clinical pathologists meet to discuss the latest developments in laboratory quality management

In 1991, Dr. Amina started her first private lab in Alexandria, and now in 2019 she is considered a laboratory of a series of 36 labs in Alexandria, Cairo, Delta and Assiut with the same vision she had at Alexandria University. Its team to set the quality standards and prepare for accreditation laboratories to become the first laboratory in Egypt accredited by the EGAC/ILAC and ISO 15189 in 2011.


The lab has the highest level of accreditation among all Egyptian laboratories according to Dr. Amina, and this is the only way to ensure that all patients have the best diagnostic service.


In addition to her development and progress in the quality of health care, she has a strong academic contribution by supervising many of the master’s and doctoral dissertations in clinical pathology and publishing many scientific papers reviewed by doctors in the field of laboratory medicine.


Dr. Amina also participated as a speaker in many national and international conferences and workshops.

Hassab Labs’ Accreditations

Obtaining international accreditation for medical laboratory analysis ISO 15189 in 2010, which is renewed yearly till the present time. This accreditation complies with high standards

Food Detective

Hassab labs the first lab in Egypt introducing a new technology in Egypt that might be able to explain your unresolved health problems. Food Detective