For more than 20 years, Hassab labs have always been keen on working with the latest medical testing equipments, high tech machines and diagnostic techniques. Recently and after the rapid progression that has occurred in the field of medical laboratory testing, we enhanced and supplied our central labs with the most advanced machines available worldwide. We use Roche, Siemens and Abbott latest analyzers and we have backup machines as well to cover for any emergency failures or shortage of supplies.

Our maintenance department is controlled and managed by technical professionals who work closely with technical units' managers to ensure machines work with best performance. All our technical units use fully automated machines that process the samples without any human interference to eliminate the errors that might occur in the analytical phase of testing.

Those new technologies, used in our labs, save time and effort and ensure providing our customers with the most precise results and fastest turnaround.

ADVIA 2120i

  • Sysmex is a registered trade mark of Sysmex Corporation in USA and Germany and other countries.
  • The ADVIA® 2120i System with Auto-slide streamlines workflow by eliminating the majority of manual steps commonly performed to maximize productivity.
  • It delivers gold-standard flow cytometry peroxidase methodology for optimum results.
  • Differentiates microcytic anemias with advanced RBC and reticulocyte technology .
  • Direct measurements of intracellular hemoglobin provide sensitive and specific RBC morphology for accurate and early detection of disease states.
  • It provides a secondary total white cell count that acts as an internal QC check to monitor sample integrity.
  • Maximizes the effectiveness of costly platelet transfusions with accurate results the first time even at very low platelet levels.
  • Unique cytochemical differentiation of myeloid and lymphoid cells, and six-parameter differential supplies additional clinical information .
  • It performs 120 CBC with differential / hour.


ARCHITECT i2000 is an automatic immunoassay analyzer shares all the proven benefits of other ARCHITECT family members. From Abbott diagnostics.

  • Robotic Sample Handler (RSH) eliminates bottlenecks and prioritizes urgent requests.
  • It is known by its ability to perform up to 200 immunoassay tests per hour.
  • No clinically significant sample tube to tube carryover (less than 0.1 ppm).
  • It has a comprehensive test menu that covers a wide range of parameters.

BN ProSpec

The BN ProSpec System (Siemens Diagnostic), is a fully automated bench top analyzer that adopts immune-nephelometric technology for the determination of a large variety of assays for plasma, CSF, urinary and other body fluids protein testing .

Increased workflow efficiency with an effective high capacity up to 65 tests/hour.

The BN ProSpec® offers a comprehensive test menu for reliable protein testing with ultimate sensitivity and specificity.

  • ß trace protein (For CSF rhinorrhea).
  • Kidney diseases (albumin in urine, α1-Microglobulin in urine, α2Macroglobulin, ß2-Microglobulin in urine, Cystatin C).
  • Free Light Chains (FLC) kappa & lambda assays with excellent reproducibility and high antigen excess security thus adding confidence to screening and monitoring of monoclonal gammopathies.
  • High sensitive CRP which is acknowledged as an independent predictive marker for cardiovascular disease development.

Sysmex CA 560

  • Sysmex is a registered trade mark of Sysmex corporation in USA and Germany and other countries.
  • The Sysmex® CA-560 System is a compact, fully automated system featuring immunologic, coagulation, and chromogenic measurements in true random-access way.
  • Broad assay menu, including: PT, APTT, Fibrinogen, Thrombin time, Antithrombin, Blood coagulation factors , lupus anticoagulant and D-dimer
  • Bi-directional interface and built-in quality-control function enables confidence in testing .
  • Preferential processing of STAT samples allows for critical results to be processed at any time .
  • Analyzed data may be displayed or printed with reaction curves for flexibility in result management .
  • Running up to 50 samples per hour.
  • Provides confidence in patient results
    • Identifies sample tubes at time of sampling .
    • Provides positive sample identification with built-in bar code reader .
    • Detects antigen excess for immunoassays with automatic software checks .
    • Auto-calibrates the clotting LEDs for precise detection of derived fibrinogen .

Sysmex CA 1500

  • Sysmex is a registered trade mark of Sysmex corporation in USA and Germany and other countries.
  • The Sysmex® CA-1500 System quickly analyzes large quantities of samples with a high-level of accuracy. The compact, fully automated system performs clotting, chromogenic, and immunologic tests. Its advanced technology allows accurate sample identification and multiple dilution analysis (MDA) for detecting inhibitors during factor assays.
  • Tube cap piercing enhances safety and productivity .
  • Accurate sample identification with bar-code reading at the time of aspiration.
  • A rapid turnaround automated D-dimer results within 7 minutes .
  • Bar-code reader accurately identifies STAT patient samples and reagents.
  • 15-parameter random access testing .
  • Approximately 120 PT tests per hour.

    Assays done on CA1500:

  • PT.
  • APTT.
  • Fibrinogen.
  • Thrombin Time.
  • Factors.
  • Factor II.
    Factor V.
    Factor VII.
    Factor VIII.
    Factor IX.
    Factor X.
    Factor XI.
    Factor XII.

  • D-dimer.
  • Lupus Anticoagulant .
  • Thrombosis Risk.
  • Protein C.
    Protein S.

  • vWF A.

Cobas 6000

  • Cobas 6000 is a modular, analytical system platform, consolidated work area for clinical chemistry and immunology, it consists of 3 modules; 1 cobas c 501 for clinical chemistry tests and 2 cobas e 601 for hormones, tumor markers, cardiac markers and virology.
  • Cobas 6000 is connected to Roche/Hitachi MODULAR PRE-ANALYTICS PLUS system (the first peace in the middle east laboratories), by this integration the system can now pass completely from centrifugation through aliquoting and analysis to final report, untouched by human hands.
  • State-of-the-art immunoassay tests using electrochemiluminscence (ECL) technology offers a broad measuring range, low sensitivity and very high degree of precision.
  • Cobas 6000 can operate up to 600 samples/hr and up to 2,170 tests/hr. It uses sample clot detection which prevents the analytical error that might occur in other analyzers during the aspiration of the samples.
  • Cobas 6000 supports sample barcode which prevents the preanalytical error that might occur in other instruments due to switching of samples. It also supports IT System interfaces thus preventing postanalytical errors.
  • It has a system integrity checks which helps to ensure high quality results (e.g. test-specific serum indices, disposable immunoassay tips and cups, and clot and liquid level detection).
  • The broadest test menu in the market ( clinical chemistry and immunoassay portfolio ) and the fastest turnaround time; industry leading 9-minute STAT cardiac assays on a lab based platform AND "On the fly" loading of chemistry reagents during operation.
  • Cobas 6000 is Connected to cobas® link enabling a secure gateway connection between the laboratory and Roche Diagnostics. This connection brings the advantages of the latest in remote diagnostics, real-time service and support, efficient troubleshooting and anti-virus and application patching for system protection.

COBAS Ampliprep/TaqMan

COBAS® AmpliPrep/COBAS® TaqMan® System (CAP-CTM)

  • COBAS® AmpliPrep/COBAS® TaqMan® System, Roche/FDA-IVD (fully automated system including automated sample extraction, setup and results analysis).
  • It is a real time PCR technique that measures amplification continuously as it occurs, allowing for precise and quantitative measurements during the exponential phase of PCR. The system is highly precise with automatic data collection and software analysis which gives high accuracy to the assay together with the rapid release of results.

Dimension RXL Max

Dimension(Siemens Diagnostics), is an excellent, efficient chemistry autoanalyzer with fulfillment of the most commonly ordered panels from a single sample.
  • Fast , accurate, precise, Highly sensitive autoanalyzer with short reaction times, no washing or separation step
  • Continuous barcode identification of samples and online transmission of results and hence reduced risk for error with minimal sample handling.
  • Full disease state profiling on a single analyzer.
  • It is known by its ability to perform 800 tests/hour with optimum handling of peak workload.
  • It has a comprehensive test menu which covers the following test items:
    • Renal Function tests.
    • Liver function tests.
    • Therapeutic drug monitoring.
    • Lipid profile testing.
    • Diabetes profile.
    • Minerals.
    • Anaemia profile.
    • Inflammatory markers.


  • IMMULITE 2000, is a continuous random access immunoassay analyzer, one of Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc trademarks which is supported worldwide through an international network of distributors and subsidiaries also it has gained certification from:
    ISO 13485:2003 CE (European Conformity)
  • It is a fully automated system which can perform up to 200 tests/hour.
  • It has an efficient STAT capability with automatic re-assay of out of range samples.
  • It is known for its excellent sensitivity& specificity for all performed tests.

IMMULITE 2000 has a comprehensive test menu of more than 100 assays which includes these testing categories:

  • Tumor Markers (AFP, CA15-5 ,CA 19-9 , CA125,Calcitonin, CEA, total PSA and Free PSA).
  • Growth Hormone, IGF-I, IGFBP-3.
  • Thyroid and Parathyroid function tests (Anti-TG ,Anti-TPO, Free T3, Free T4, Intact PTH, Rapid TSH, 3rd Generation TSH, Thyroid Binding Globulin (TBG), Thyroid Stimulating Immunoglobulin (TSI), Thyroglobulin, Total T3, Total T4).
  • Adrenal/Pituitary function tests Investigations of anemia (Erythropoitin, Ferritin, Folate, RBC Folate, Vitamin B12).
  • Autoimmune profile.
  • Bone markers: PYRILINKS-D.
  • Cardiac markers.
  • Tests for infertility.
  • Tests for diabetes (C-Peptide, Insulin) .
  • Tests for infectious diseases:( EBV-IgM,H. pylori IgG).
  • Allergy profile . (Allergen-Specific IgG ,IgE) .
  • Inflammatory markers: ( IL-2,IL-6).
  • Tests for therapeutic drug monitoring(TDM) (Carbamazepine, Digoxin phenobarbital ,Phenytoin ,Theophylline ,Valproic Acid ).

step one

The step one real time PCR system is the latest innovation of Applied Biosystems, a leading company in life science research and diagnostic molecular genetics.

The step one is a real time PCR system that measures amplification as it occurs, cycle by cycle, allowing for precise and quantitative measurements during the exponential phase of PCR.

Utilizing long-life LED-based optical system which records fluorescence from FAM™/SYBR® Green, VIC®/JOE™, and ROX™ dyes , the StepOne™ Real-Time PCR System is designed to deliver precise, quantitative Real-Time PCR results for a variety of molecular genetics applications as well as pathogen nucleic acids detection and quantitation.

The StepOne™ Software supports a variety of analysis methods, including the following:

  • Standard Curve (absolute quantitation).
  • Relative Standard Curve.
  • Comparative Ct(relative quantitation).
  • Genotyping assay.
  • Melting Curve Analysis.
  • High Resolution Melting analysis.
StepOne™ Real-Time PCR System is able to perform a wide variety of demanding genetic analysis techniques using the user friendly software. The StepOne™ System supports many Real-Time PCR applications that are routinely performed in Hassab Labs including the following:
  • SNP Genotyping assays ( e.g JAK 2 V617F/G1849T and IL-28B SNPs).
  • Gene Expression Analysis (e.g. BCR/ABL fusion gene quantitation).
  • Viral genotyping analysis (e.g HCV genotyping assay).
  • Mycobacterium nucleic acid detection and quantitation.
  • Viral Load Analysis (e.g Quantitative detection of HCV, HBV, CMV).

Sysmex XT 1800i

  • The Sysmex XT 1800 is an automated hematology analyzers for in vitro diagnostic use in clinical laboratories .
  • It performs approximately 80 CBC samples /hour.
  • XT1800 provides high precision and accuracy.
  • It provides the results for the following parameters :
    WBCs, RBCs, HGB, HCT, MCV, MCH, MCHC, PLT, all WBCs differential count, RDW-CV/SD, PDW, MPV, P-LCR, PCT.

ADVIA Centaur XP Siemens

The high-performance ADVIA Centaur® XP immunoassay system has a wide variety of onboard reagents and dedicated STAT capabilities to maximize productivity, regardless of volume or types of tests. Always ready, continuous operation without interruption.

  • High throughput, up to 240 tests/hour.
  • Intuitive software for ease of operation.
  • STAT port guarantees priority sampling at any time.
  • Extensive menu with 30 onboard reagents.
  • Comprehensive diagnostic testing covers screening, diagnosis, risk assessment and monitoring.
  • Disposable pipette tips eliminate sample-to-sample carryover.
  • Automatic dilution, repeat and reflex testing.
  • Smart Algorithm Software automatically repeats and confirms reactive testing.

FISH (Fluorescence in situ hybridization)

The use of FISH is growing rapidly in genomics, cytogenetics, prenatal research, tumor biology, gene mapping, gene amplification, and basic biomedical research.
The hybridization reaction identifies, or labels, target genomic sequences so their location and size can be studied. DNA or RNA sequences from appropriate, chromosome-specific probes are first labeled with reporter molecules, which are later identified through fluorescence microscopy. The labeled DNA or RNA probe is then hybridized to the metaphase chromosomes or interphase nuclei on a slide. After washing and signal amplification, the specimen is screened for the reporter molecules by fluorescence microscopy.